Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011: Not a Good Year for Daffodils (March 23)

This year, it was difficult to peg one specific date for the blooming of the daffodils. On March 23, it looked like there was one that had partially come out, with other soon to follow. Then, it got cold and all the daffodils seemed to retract. Let's go with March 23 as the date. So, my history is now:

2011 March 23
2010 March 21

2009 March 23
2008 April 08
2007 March 24
2006 March 30
2005 March 31

The following photos are from 27 March:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Levels of Government Shutdowns

Which will it be? I'm guessing #1.

  1. Passport office is closed; people can't get passports.
  2. Entry from across the border is closed to people without the local passport.
  3. Entry from across the border is closed to everyone.
  4. All the border guards have been laid off. Border is open to everyone.