Monday, June 05, 2017


I took part in a brief exchange on a different social media platform.  This involves the word (if I may call it that) "Covfefe", which is getting a bit of attention as I write this.  The question is, was it a simple typographical error that didn't get corrected, or was it a word from antediluvian, pre-Tower of Babel days meaning something like, "In the end, we win"?  (Yeah, I'm missing a question mark in the graphic below.)
I apologise for my language, but Are you pooping me?  I mean it seriously.  Do people really believe that, just because someone said so on a web site that looks like it combines flying saucers and the Egyptian pyramids, people really believe that "Covfefe" is a long-attested word passed-down by Jews over thousands of years, and secretly taught to the President?

Or did he just make a mistake and not correct it either because he thought it was funny, or something else came up and he went to sleep?

And do people above really believe the former?  Or Are they pooping me?

Here's a link to Scott Adams' Blog: