Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thoughts From Last Night's Presidential Debate

I thought Larry King's question regarding which new Constitutional amendment the candidates would like to see was interesting.  It would have been great if some candidate (maybe Goode or Johnson) said something like, "The Constitution is good the way it is now -- let's start following it."  But here is my memory of their responses:

  • Johnson (citing his experience as a term-limited state governor) and Goode (citing his experience as a term-unlimited Congressman) both spoke in favour of term limits, apparently for Congress.
  • Anderson spoke in favour of an Equal Rights Amendment for gender and sexual orientation.
  • Stein had two areas, which she saw as related, though it is not clear to me how they'd be worded as an amendment.  She wanted it to be clear that free speech is not the same thing as freedom to spend money (apparently for political advertising) and also she wanted to clarify the distinctions between corporations and persons, with corporations not being treated as persons.